Best And Worst Of The NFL Color Rush

The Color Rush is back

The NFL’s silly gimmick to get people to watch Thursday Night Football returns this year. Every Thursday, the NFL’s week will kickoff with two teams adorning monochromatic monstrosities of on-field fashion.

Last year, the league and its uniform manufacturer, Nike, teamed up to produce eight “Color Rush” uniforms — featured in four Thursday games. It was an obvious cash grab intended to sell more jerseys and get more eyeballs on the league-owned NFL network which holds the broadcast rights to TNF.

Despite major criticism of the colorful ensemble mandate from 2015, the league doubled down to expand the eight-team experiment to all 32 teams.

Last year, the color rush resulted in the now-infamous “Color Blind Game” between the all-red Buffalo Bills and the all-green New York Jets that left people with the color vision deficiency unable to differentiate between the teams — and the “Condiment Bowl” between the all-yellow St. Louis Rams and the all-red Tampa Bay Buccaneers which looked like ketchup vs. mustard.

The NFL unveiled all of this season’s color rush uniforms on Tuesday and the results are a mixed bag. There are still some hideous jerseys, but there are some fantastic designs mixed in as well.

Here is the best and worst of NFL Color Rush 2016.



Get your popcorn ready, Jordan Matthews modeling the Philadelphia Eagles new all-black attire is reminiscent of former Eagles No. 81 Terrell Owens. And I’m a sucker for all-things TO.

4: Vikings

These all-purple unis looks slick. While the Vikings standard uniform is one of my least favorite in the league — the helmets and jerseys don’t even match, the Color Rush uniforms they will wear on Dec. 1 are among the best the league has to offer.

3: Chargers

I have to say, I am glad San Diego resisted the urge to go with all-powder blue. While, the powder blues are universally loved and regarded as one of the top uniforms in the league, head to toe powder blue would have been just too much.

2: Steelers

I’m a sucker for all blacks, and these all black Steelers uniforms bring the fire.

1: Seahawks

The Seahawks are turning up the green. Nike knocked it out of the park with these all-lime green jerseys. The Seahawks have one of the flashiest standard jerseys in the league, so we had to expect something special for the Color Rush. They didn’t disappoint.


5: Panthers

Remember what I said about the Chargers making the right decision to not go all-powder blue? These ugly all-light blue Panthers jerseys make my point for me.

4: Ravens

The Ravens all-black alternate uniforms are one of my favorites in the league, but these all-purple unis miss the mark.

3: Rams

The Rams didn’t learn their lesson. They have a new start in a new city … but not new Color Rush uniforms. Last year’s mustard bottle unis return.

2: Redskins

Thank goodness the Redskins don’t have a Thursday night game and won’t wear these ugly, ugly, ugly uniforms this season.

1: Jaguars

I think I’ll be skipping the football game on Oct. 27. I don’t think I can bring myself to watch a game featuring these awful jerseys. The Jaguars standard uniforms are the worst in the league, and these alternates live up to their legacy.



When the NFL announced it would require all 32 teams to participate in the Color Rush, I was terrified the Packers would be forced into hideous all-yellow uniforms. I am relieved to find that they will wear all-white, sporting the standard away jersey with new white pants. The Packers jerseys are classic and have remained mostly unchanged since they put the “Big G” on the helmet in 1961. It would have been a travesty to force a wholesale change just to promote the Week 7 Thursday Night Football matchup with Chicago.